Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Life Bits

For the past week or so I've been trying to take care of my health checkups. This has been such a busy year for the MHA that I've gotten behind on life stuff. Fortunately, I have a few weeks now where things are a bit calmer so I'm taking advantage of those to catch up on life.

I went today for a mammogram, last week for blood work and next week for a physical. I know my blood work was all great, so that's good news. My cholesterol numbers are good. My sugar numbers are good. My thyroid is normal. I don't know what else they know about me after sucking my blood, other than that. I was supposed to go the doctor today but they called to reschedule it for next week. I expect everything to be normal, but I always like hearing that all is normal anyway.

I also want to take some time to work on things in my house. I haven't done anything for a couple of years, other than the essentials, because my focus has been elsewhere. There are some little projects I'd like to get completed. I have a couple of windows to replace before winter, too. The one in my home office is broken. I'm not sure what happened to it, but I discovered it when it was freezing cold and I couldn't get my office warm. No wonder - big hole in the glass! I patched it up because it was way too cold at the time to have a big hole in my house while it was replaced, not to mention the materials wouldn't have worked in the cold. Then it went to being so hot I didn't want to do it. So, the season is here. I need to get it dealt with. The question is do I want to try and do it myself, given my two hour window workshop during the preservation conference, or should I just hire someone to do it. Of course, hiring anyone to do anything is quite the trick. Well, it's no trick to hire them. It is, however, a struggle to get them to actually show up and do the work.

I keep trying to simplify my life and yet when I look at my calendar through the end of the year it's hard to find a couple of days next to a weekend when I can go to Kentucky. I haven't been since Jim's funeral in January. That's the longest I've ever gone without visiting and I'm really missing everyone. I just really felt like I owed my employer some extra hours this year. I was so thankful I could be with my family last year when I wanted to be. But, I've gone a bit overboard the other way this year and am really feeling exhausted mentally at the moment. But, a little time and getting my life in order will make me feel better I'm sure. I just need my life to be more organized than it is now. It's never completely tidy. I just need it better. Much better.

Well, it's time for some sleep. If I could figure out how to not need any sleep at all that would give me more time to get these things done.

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