Friday, September 26, 2008

McCain Cancels Letterman Taping

I'm a devoted fan of David Letterman. I watch almost every night. A couple of nights ago McCain was scheduled to appear on the Letterman show and canceled, telling Dave he had to rush to Washington to work on the economy.

Instead, McCain went to do an interview with Katie Couric, at the exact same time he would have been taping the Letterman show. We know, because at one point, Dave went to the live feed where we see McCain sitting there, getting makeup right before the interview. That's at about 6:30 in the clip on the first day.

Last night, Letterman talked about it more, pointing out that McCain actually didn't leave Washington until the following morning. Does he just not think people will see him doing something other than what he said he was going to do? Did he think he just wouldn't get caught in his lie? Why not just be honest with Letterman and say, "Hey, you know what, it just isn't appropriate for me to be on a comedy show tonight..." Instead he tells a convoluted lie and backs out of a commitment. Frankly, if he had given his views on Letterman far more people would have been likely to see it than they did on the evening news.

John McCain is someone I have respected for years. I didn't agree with his politics, but I have respected him. About 3-4 months ago - long before Sarah Palin was on the ticket - I started losing respect for him and it continues to plummet. This is just not how I expect an honorable person to act. Admittedly, a late night comedy show is not a big deal, but lying about the reason seems ridiculous. If we are to judge character and decision making ability, this isn't a good showing.

Watch the videos - they're well worth the effort.

McCain Cancels Letterman show taping, saying he has to get to Washington to work on the economy, but does Couric interview at exact time he was supposed to be on Letterman

Letterman vs. McCain - Day 2

CBS News Not Happy that Letterman used the News Feed

I'll be tuning in tonight to see what, if anything, happens on the show.
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