Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogging Classes and Mummies

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning I took some time to go visit with blogging classes at the Hutchinson Public Library. This is Kristine, who teaches the classes.

At some point, Peggy took one of her classes and mentioned my blog to her. So, Kristine now uses this blog in her classes as an example.

She asked me a few months ago if I'd be willing to come in a talk about my experience with blogging. I told her I would and this was the week. It was a cool thing to do. I kind of warmed up a bit last night and this morning was really fun.

I really like Kristine. She's a bubbly person and I can tell she's someone I would enjoy knowing better. There were some people in the classes I'd like to get to know better, too. Hopefully it will all work out that that happens.

This evening after work I worked on the Christmas tree more. At one point, I could see the orange glow from the pumpkin in my front window reflecting on one French door, and the lights of the Christmas tree reflecting in the other French door. I have "seasonal blending" at my house. That's my new term for it.

But, tonight I updated my facebook status that I was working on my tree, and Tara commented that she already has hers up and decorated. Mary Ann told me the other day she had hers up but not yet decorated. So, I'm not the only one. The Christmas season is very compressed this year - Thanksgiving is very late. So, I want to make sure I've got everything done before Thanksgiving - otherwise I won't feel like I'm getting a full Christmas season. Last year's ice storm made that one feel very shortened so I need to make up a little bit.

But, I love Halloween too. And, Greg is planning to do some pretty major decorating this year. In fact, tonight he was working on this mummy.

I'm looking forward to Friday night!

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