Friday, October 17, 2008

Hutchinson Happenings

I realize not every town has a giant grasshopper - much less one wearing a hand-knitted hat and scarf. What can I say? Hutchinson is special. And so is our grasshopper in Avenue A Park.

The folks at Yarn decided to have a public knitting event tonight as part of the downtown art walk on Third Thursdays. They were making scarves to donate to those who need them.

Of course, Andrea (on the left) was there since she's one of the instructors at Yarn. Andrea is a knitter extraordinaire. This is the same Andrea who won first place for her knitted piece at the State Fair this year.

Lots was going on downtown - including free carriage rides...

Greg and I ate dinner at Brooks, then ran into Sharon and visited with her a bit before wandering around more. Just a few doors down from Brooks the HCC art instructor had set up a large Day of the Dead display in a translation place. There were lots of sugar skulls decorated and displayed in a traditional manner.

I also finally got to see Tate in person. I didn't get to hold him, unfortunately. I just love little tiny babies.

I left the artwalk before it was over to go to the Obama rally. There was a good turnout for it and it was great to see so many democrats. Our local group has grown so much since I joined a few years ago. Very encouraging.

The highlight tonight for me was Samantha Finke, Obama for America Kansas Director. I really enjoyed meeting her. She's a very interesting woman.

And she had great news, too.

Obama will be in Kansas City at the Liberty Memorial on Saturday. He will speak about 6 p.m. but the doors will open about 4. for details. It's free. This is an incredible opportunity to see Barack Obama.

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Anonymous said...

Loving the grasshopper photos - thanks for the mention. Yes, you can knit for change and just be social. It's half the fun!