Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tea on a Fall Evening

It's a wet, chilly autumn evening here. I decided to made some mini pumpkin bread loaves. I want some for one of my holiday gatherings and pumpkin bread freezes with no ill effects, particularly in this sort of a time frame. So, I thought I'd whip up a batch. I need to make three more batches to have enough.

Of course, as soon as they were coming out of the oven I had the urge to make some tea and have a couple of little loaves. Then I remembered these dishes I had bought at Goodwill a few months ago. They're just perfect for an autumn evening I think. For some reason, tea always tastes best from a pretty cup.

I love evenings like this. It's chilly enough to want to be indoors, but not so cold that the wind has found every spot not covered three different ways to get inside with me. It will be no time until my evening's uniform will include long underwear so my legs don't freeze. In fact, I think I'd better order a couple more pair so there's always one clean.

I'm one of those people who gets cold the first time there's a cold snap and I just stay cold until spring. The one time I'm warm is when I first wake up under my electric blanket. But the first moment I stick a toe out from under I'm cold again. Last night I got out my electric blanket but decided to not put it on until I change the sheets again. But, very soon it will be time. I consider electric blankets to be one of the great inventions of our era.

Well, I'm going to stop writing on the blog and work on the book some more. I'm writing one of the complex scenes now so it's going much slower, but it's coming along. However, not a darn thing happens unless I stay at the keyboard and work on it so I suppose I'd best do that.
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Linda Jennings said...

Your mini pumpkin loaves look yummy. I enjoy finding pretty dishes in thrift stores, too. I'm currently blogging photos of themed tables from the fund raiser tea I did on Saturday. Hope you take a peek. Your photos were very inspirational to me when I was doing the planning on this one. Thanks so much!

Patsy Terrell said...

Oh, Linda, the tables are beautiful! There's something so special about sitting down to a lovely table and enjoying time with friends. Doesn't it feel good to create an event like that?