Saturday, November 15, 2008

Carol's Christmas Village

Tonight my new friend, Barbara, took me over to her friend Carol's house, to see Carol's Christmas Village. Barbara told me it was "big." Now, when someone tells you a Christmas village is "big" what do you think that means? I thought it meant maybe one wall of a living room. Something the size of one six foot folding table. Maybe an eight foot one.

So, we walk in and at first I'm looking at the Christmas tree and accoutrements.

Obviously, this is very cool in and of itself. Then I look to the other side of the room and find the "big" Christmas village.

Yes... big... This is a four car garage space... and it's all Christmas village...

She said if she doesn't have the village set up before Halloween that she's behind. I know how that is. She said the rest of it goes pretty quickly, but that takes a lot of time, especially putting down all the cotton.

Some of the buildings were gifts and some were specially made for her. There are some rows, and then a large flat area, all covered with buildings. Barbara told me that she asked Carol before what happened if a light went out on one of the houses in the back row. Carol's response, which I think is genius, is "those people are out of town for the holidays."

That's Barbara on the left, Carol in the middle, and Mary Lou, another friend of Barbara's who wanted to come see the village. I met Barbara at the blogging class I spoke at a few weeks ago.

This is what they're standing in front of. Can you say Santa?

After we looked at the village, Carol took us on a tour of the home, where Santa's abound. We walked into the dining room, where there are more Santas per square inch than most holiday sections in stores.

In the office she had a Coca Cola Santa. I love these.

I took this closeup in the dining room for my brother, who used to collect John Deere things.

Carol said people give her Santas, too. And she had some really special ones. She showed us one that is made with Mount St. Helens ash.

It was a lovely evening. I'm so thankful to Barbara for arranging it and to Carol for letting us come into her home. She was so generous to share her holiday cheer with us. Thanks to both of them. It's so fun to meet others of my kind. We need a Christmas fanatics club in town.
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