Monday, November 17, 2008

A Day of Writing

I have spent the entire day working on the novel. I'm at the point where I'm finishing up details, rewriting and editing.

Of course, I've done this multiple times and today I printed out a fresh copy and on page one I found a huge error. Yes, page one.

I'm guessing at least a dozen people have read or heard this chapter and missed the error. Just goes to show you that you can never edit and proof read enough.

I'm excited to be nearing the end of this project.

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bryon said...

Good piece, as we're accustomed to seeing in the NYT.

That's the national GOP. Here in Kansas, as reported by Jim Sullinger in the Kansas City Star: "The Kansas Republican Party has suspended party voting privileges for 17 precinct leaders in Johnson County who gave donations to Democrats running for public office this year."

The Republicans are a terribly fractured party. This pleases me, but I know my own party and what Frank Rich in the NYT called "the Democrats’ time-honored propensity for self-immolation." The GOP is merely down, not out, and we Democrats have only two years to prove we know what we're doing or suffer at the next election.

Patsy Terrell said...

Yes... absolutely... the real proof will come in 23 months.