Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deborah Raney Speech at the Library

Christian author Deborah Raney spoke at the Hutchinson Public Library tonight. I am so glad I went to hear her. She gave us an inside look at the publishing business, and answered questions.

There were a number of aspiring writers in the audience, including some people I know from various things, but didn't know were writing. There were also some folks there I was surprised to see.

It strikes me, again, that there's a real need for a writer's group in Hutchinson. I've considered starting one, but I think my time is better spent writing. However, I would make time to go to one if it existed. I just don't want to be responsible for making one more thing happen on a regular basis. I wouldn't mind organizing it initially, if someone else would keep it going. Anything like that requires some time and attention. I did wish we had a signup sheet tonight so we could see if there was interest in such a thing.

Someone asked me afterwards if I still had my full time job and when I said yes the next question was, "So, when are you writing?" "Nights, weekends, vacations, anytime I can," I replied. I think this is how most people do it until they can make a living writing. I guess I have made a living writing at various jobs, but not as a novelist.

I've been writing since I could, really - journals, newsletters, articles, cookbooks, this is my second novel, and of course blogging is an almost daily practice for me. But the business side of this is a stumbling block to me. I'd like to have an agent to handle that for me. I would happily give them their 15%. It would be money very well spent.

I know I can write. I know I can market. I just don't want to be solely responsible for either. I want some good editors and some good marketing people working with me. I want to find a literary agent and build a new career with them.

I've veered away from Raney's talk, but I will sum up by saying the most important thing I think she said all night is that step one is, "Write the Book." So, I'd best get back to doing that. But, if you have an opportunity to hear Deborah Raney talk about her experiences, it's well worth it. Do check out her website.

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