Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why Do You Write?

Mark David Gerson has a blog post inquiring why people write. I follow Mark on twitter and thought that was an interesting question to ponder. Of course, it has been asked before, but it's always good to come up with an answer. Below is mine.

I write because it is a natural part of who I am. Most of my writing for public consumption is done at the keyboard, but my soul-searching writing happens with pen and paper. The connection of brain to hand to paper is one I will never let go of. There's a magic to seeing words appear that never gets old.

Pop over to Mark's blog and read the answers and add your own.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Patsy, for carrying this question over to your blog. Here was my answer...

"Why do I write? Because I can't not write, anymore than I can't not breathe."

Please check out the other comments and add yours here.

Patsy Terrell said...

Hi Mark... I am encouraging people to pop over to your blog so all the answers will be in one spot. Intersting question.

My answer is very similar to yours.