Tuesday, December 02, 2008


I am tucked into my warm house tonight, thankful to be here. I woke up early this morning to return to Hutchinson for work and was very sick. I had the worst tummy ache I've had since I was about four and ate too much German Chocolate Cake. (Mama let me have some, then Aunt Audrey did, then Cousin Cindy did, etc. etc. etc.) But I hadn't eaten too much German Chocolate Cake this morning - or any, for that matter. In fact I hadn't eaten anything that should have upset my tummy and it was more just pain than upset tummy.

I finally left Joplin early afternoon, with an aching tummy full of a variety of Miss Joy's over the counter medications, figuring I wasn't going to get much better/worse sitting there. It got much worse once I was in the car and I was starting to think I needed to turn around and go back to Joplin. Then, a miracle from above, it disappeared and has not returned. I was, and am, so thankful.

I'm a pain wimp. I've always been very healthy and the least little thing makes me whine like you wouldn't believe. Imagine how I was when I had a kidney stone. It wasn't pretty. My photo may still be at the emergency room with a big red circle and slash over it all these years later.

Today I was going through all sorts of options - appendicitis, gallbladder, kidney stone, etc. - but couldn't come up with anything other than tummy ache. That's the other thing I do, which I hate about myself - I start imagining I have horrible medical problems, including things there's a .0000000001 % chance I could ever contract. I simply cannot read medical books or websites. Next thing I know, I'm imagining I have some sort of rare disease one can only contract in the tropics, when I've been no where near the tropics. I just don't go there.

Tonight I'm so thankful to be feeling normal. I had some delicious dry toast for a midnight snack. There's no point in tempting fate.
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