Saturday, December 06, 2008

Lovely Surprises

This is Cynthia (left) and Susan, who gave me a wonderful surprise today. They drove from Horton and Valley Falls to come to the Kansas Country Living open house. I had no idea they were coming and when I opened the door and saw them I was practically speechless. It was so cool to see them.

It was a lovely afternoon, visiting with them as well as other folks who came. One nice couple came from Leavenworth, which is a very long drive. They came for the open house but were making a weekend of it in Hutchinson, which is nice.

All in all it was a nice group - some local folks, including Anne from Roy's, and some folks who came a distance. I'm glad I did it.

Plus, it encouraged me to get things "finished" to a degree, which is nice. Tonight I've been relaxing, which is something I very rarely do. I'm going to head into the sunporch and sit down with a book. I've positioned the chair I reupholstered a few months ago so I can sit in the sun porch and see the main Christmas tree from there. Seems like a good way to wrap up the day.
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