Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Cancer - Tumor of Low Malignant Potential

Patsy's surgery is finished. Her surgeon, Dr Douglas Horbelt, just spoke with me. He says that Patsy's tumor is not cancer but neither is it definitely benign.

He called it a "tumor of low malignant potential" and described this as being in a gray area between benign and malignant. He did say it was entirely removed, along with the hysterectomy. They also took her appendix and some of her omentum.

As to the whether the fact of this tumor having been in her has any negative implications for her future, he said he could not answer until the pathology report on the tumor comes back on Thursday or Friday. He said it would be sectioned like a loaf of bread and studied.

I wish I had a more definite answer for all of us, but that's all we know for now except that she is expected to be in recovery for about three hours and should be released Friday or Saturday.

A quick google reveals articles from The National Cancer Institute and The Library of Cancer as well as a smattering of other information. Despite the sources of the articles I cite, I should stress again that he said it was not cancer.

Clearly, we'll have many questions later in the week when the pathology report comes back. I hope for a more black and white answer then.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, Greg. It's good news.


Cynthia said...

Thanks Greg. I have been refreshing my screen all morning! No cancer is good.


janilizi said...

thank you for letting us know. Love to Patsy

Janice in England

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand. It's *not* cancer, but *not* definitely benign. Doesn't it have to be one or the other?

Anyway, WHEE! Sounds like the makings of good news.

Now for the important question: Did you get a picture of the bunny with the surgeon?

Thank you for all you've done!

Unknown said...

Thanks again for all the updates. I certainly appreciate it since we are unable to be there with you guys! Cathy

Mia Denman said...

Ok... I spoke with a friend who's an RN & worked many years in Oncology. She said that, based on the surgeon's comment, it is PROBABLY benign, but that no doctor worth his salt is going to give you a definite answer in that regard until the pathology reports come back. She said it's certainly a good sign that he worded it that way, and that primarily he was being cautious, as a growth that looks benign to the naked eye can harbor evil cancer cells deep inside. She did say that the initial report sounds very encouraging!! Keep us posted!!

Jane said...

Thank you for all the updates - I will follow this thread over the next few days/ weeks to learn more as its a little unclear to me too but yes it sounds like good news so far to me too.

Please give my best wishes to Patsy!!! I hope she recovers well surrounded by such good friends. Take good care of yourself too Greg!

Amy F. said...

Thanks for the updates Greg. I hope you and Patsy are doing well.

Yay Patsy no cancer!!!

Anonymous said...

Good good news, thanks for the updates, be sure to tell Patsy her readers are still with her,


Anonymous said...

Incredible news - thanks so much for the updates!

Wishing Patsy a smooth recovery (and rest for all of you).

Take care,
Lisa T.