Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Patsy again. Greg just arrived. I'm glaf I insisted he go sleep becaude I've hardly slept at all. Nothings wrong. I'm not in pain.i just wasn't sleeping. I'm feeling ok. Little nauseaus but I think that's jsut drugs with no food or water.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Patsy!
I was working on Tuesday, but watched the blog for updates. Greg did a great job of keeping us informed and we were relieved that all went well. And now you are blogging! Fantastic. Rest and drugs=good things. Sending healing thoughts, Cleta

Anonymous said...

Patsy, Barb and I have been following Greg's notes and we appreciate them! Loved seeing the lope taking good care of you in his mask and scrubs.
And to see your ownself back on the blog this morning was GREAT! Mary Lou

Jane said...

You have wonderful friends Patsy :) I hope mine are there for me in times of need, the way yours have been!

Welcome back!

lillie said...

Patsy, I just want to add my good wishes, and thankfulness, to the many that are coming your way. That was so thoughtful of Greg to keep everyone informed about your progress, and he certainly did a terrific job! I checked many times throughout the day, and when I learned it was not cancer, I was so happy about that. Now, just concentrate on getting well, and do not be surprised if it takes a while to regain your normal strength. It will come, in due time.

God Bless!