Monday, February 23, 2009

Caution Tape In Place

When I went to my office building today I was surprised to see caution tape still surrounding the steps going into the entrance where the elevator is. There was a hostage situation there Thursday at a lawyer's office. I missed the whole thing because I was in Wichita at a doctor's appointment.

I'm not sure what all transpired, but tear gas was used and there are still broken windows visible in two places.

My office is upstairs and in the front of the building, so as far away from this area as possible. There's no smell lingering upstairs, but you can smell something faint downstairs. I'm not sure what it is, as I don't have any experience with tear gas.

The doors downstairs, into the law office and the back of the quilt store, are all taped off. I guess to seal out the smell.

It was quiet today. There's a beauty salon upstairs but they're closed on Monday.

I'm glad I missed all the excitement on Thursday. I just don't need any extra stress in my life.
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