Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I noticed a few days ago that crocus were popping their little heads up in my front flower bed. Unfortunately, because I had never taken the time to clean it out, you couldn't see them.

Yesterday while I was at the doctor's office in Wichita, Sharon and crew came to the house and cleaned out my front flowerbed and put down mulch and just generally tidied it all up. It's such a huge difference. It's amazing what people who know what they're doing can accomplish. I appreciate it so much.

I've had a hard day today. My heart was beating weird - it started in the middle of the night and lasted until early afternoon. I'm not sure it was in a-fib or not, but it was certainly unpleasant. Thankfully, it went back to normal this afternoon. Ironic that this happened just hours after seeing the cardiologist.

I have a follow up with the surgeon Thursday. I have a list of questions for him. Hopefully all will go well.

I am tired tonight. I didn't get much good sleep last night. I think I'll take a pain pill tonight and see if I can go to sleep and stay asleep for an extended period of time. That would be wonderful. I need some sleep - good, solid sleep. That's next on my agenda.
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