Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Details and Tiny Moments

The details make life holy.

If you want a little happiness in life don’t forget to look at the little things.

It is a poet’s work to see the incidental, pluck it, place an appropriate silence around both sides and see the profound in what passes for a passing moment.

It is an artist’s job to as much discover art as create it.

Prayer is a way of making the common profound by pausing, tying knots around a moment, turning our life into a string of pearls.     
                                                                                    --- Noah Ben Shea

I ran across this quote today and it so perfectly sums up my approach to life that I can't believe I've never seen it before. It's just beautiful.

The first sentence alone explains why this blog exists. I started writing a blog in part to remind myself to appreciate the small events in daily life.

I believe it is in those tiny bits of life where the sacred resides. It is there, in the briefest of moments, that could slip by unnoticed, where we get a glimpse of who we truly are and how we fit in the world.

Only by seeing the detail can we appreciate the fullness of life. Happiness comes through small kindnesses and slices of life captured in crystal clear remembrances.

The ordinary is holy. It is our responsibility to recognize and appreciate it whenever given the opportunity. And the opportunities are endless.

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