Saturday, February 28, 2009


Greg took this photo of me today, walking the trail at Wildcat Glades in Joplin. We were here last weekend and it was cold but dry. Today it has snowed almost all day. And it has been a beautiful snow - big, wet, fluffy flakes coming down at a fast pace. I love snow.

However, today was brrrrrr cold. We went over to the Redings Mill Bridge again to see it in the snow, too.

I have been trying to walk some everyday because "people who are ambulatory after surgery are far less likely to develop blood clots." Nothing like that as a little incentive to be "ambulatory."

It was beautiful today, although so cold it was hard to stay out very long, even being bundled up. I did snap this photo off the bridge, looking down to where snow had gathered at the edge of the water.

The walk at Wildcat Glades offered some beautiful vistas. Greg's mom has declared all of them as "cold" and I can't disagree. It was cold.


After a snowy walk, it was time for cozy time with the kitty. Mia snapped this photo. As you can see, it's not my best look, but as we all know, it's far more important how the cat looks.

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