Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wildcat Glades Visit in Joplin

This afternoon Greg and I hiked at The Wildcat Glades Conservation & Audubon Center in Wildcat Park in Joplin. I did a little bit of the trail never the center, but it was a little rough and I decided I didn't need to be walking on anything that wasn't paved. So, I looked at the map and found an area that was paved for wheelchair accessability and walked there while Greg did the more rugged areas. But, I snapped this photo of a leaf in water on my little walk, as well as the one below of grass near the same place.

It was a pretty walk with some massive rocks.

This park includes one of the last remaining chert glades. Their website says it's a unique habitat.

Greg walked the trail to a place called Redings Mill, where there is an old bridge, and a new bridge.

And there are rapids...

Before our visit there Greg, his mom and I went to Sandstone Gardens for lunch, which was yummy.

Tonight all of us and LV went over to Baxter Springs to Cafe on the Route. And, in between, there was much kitty play, of course. It has been a nice, relaxing Saturday.

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