Friday, March 06, 2009

Hopeful Sight Downtown

If you don't live in Hutchinson, there may be nothing about this photo that catches your attention. If you do live here, you might notice the black on the side of the building in this photo. I think, I hope, it means they are pulling down metal fronts/sides and this is what was left behind. I will be so happy if that blue metal front goes away soon, too.

We have some beautiful old buildings downtown, but in the name of progress over the years, many of them were fronted with these metal sheets. In the last few years many of these have been removed and it makes such a huge difference in the look of downtown. I will be tickled if that's what in process here.

I had a busy work day today. Part of it involved a conference call, where we covered many of the same topics we've covered in previous calls. I was reminded of Rebecca Ryan's thought that if you know what's going to be said in a meeting you don't have enough new blood. But, in this case, we did have new blood. Maybe it's just a circumstance where the basics are the basics and have to be covered over and over.

Tonight Greg and I went to dinner with Sharon. As we were driving out there we were watching this beautiful sunset develop. Unfortunately, we have nothing to put in front of it except Target, some street lights, a busy highway, and parked cars. It lost a bit in that setting.

I pressed this small tree into service, but it couldn't overcome the other distractions. It's just not the same as a sunset in a lovely pastoral setting.
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