Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Day

I snapped this photo the other morning when I got up a little after 4. I went out to do some errands as the sun was rising. It wasn't a gorgeous sunrise, but I can never seem to resist a sunrise or sunset photo.

Today was a blur of activity. It seems I was running from one thing to another all day. When I went to my office, for the third time in the last month the street was barricaded. There was a fire across the street overnight. A few days ago it was the wind. And about a month ago it was the hostage situation downstairs in my building.

Fortunately, last night no one was seriously hurt. A couple of firefighters sustained injuries, but nothing life threatening. It's very sad for the folks who had just moved into that loft apartment. And, the law office that was in the same building I am had moved into that building in the meantime. I think the fire was pretty contained but otherwise it was smoke and water damage.

Virginia hosted us for Creative Sisterhood tonight and it was good to see everyone. Our January date was my surgery day so I had to cancel it, and I haven't felt up to hosting. A couple of weeks ago Virginia offered to have us out to her place, which was kind of her.

I'll be able to host the April one again. As of today there is no hospital bed in my dining room, so things will start to get a bit more normal. Tonight I'll climb the stairs to my bedroom for the first time in eight weeks. It will seem odd in some ways. Last night felt a little weird, being the last night I was sleeping downstairs. But, at some point I have to get back to normal.

Saturday is the Women's Show and fortunately some of my board members are working our booth for me so I won't have to be there all day. I don't think I could hold up all day. I'll probably go out early and look around and then go back and work the last hour of the day and break down. We can do setup on Friday afternoon, so that's convenient.

They're saying we may get snow starting tomorrow and going through Saturday. The first time I heard it we were getting a trace to 2 inches. The last estimate I heard was maybe up to 8. I'm guessing it will be nothing or somewhere between those. I just know I thought I was done with long underwear for the season. Fortunately, I hadn't put them away yet. I'm really not sure how my delicate little flowers that are blooming are going to react to snow.
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