Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pi Day

It's pi day - you know, 3.14. This is the first year the US Congress has recognized the day I believe.

We celebrated with a visit to Cooky's in Golden City, Missouri. They make dozens of kinds of pie every day. And it's yummy stuff.

I have to confess I went for the standard pecan today. They asked if I wanted ice cream with it and although I've never had it that way I said yes. They warmed the pie and brought a dish of ice cream with it and I gotta say it was a good combo.

Greg and his mom had something called Carribean Pumpkin pie made with coconut milk instead of evaporated milk. They both gave it good reviews. Mia, Greg's girlfriend, had a pie that mimiced Reese's Pieces. She gave it the stamp of approval - so much so that Miss Joy bought a piece to take to LV when we left.

The bonus at Cooky's is that pie is cheap. A piece, with tax, is less than $2. Beat that deal. It can't be done, I tell you.

Greg and I were talking about pi day earlier this week, but it had slipped our minds today until we were headed back to Joplin after eating pie. Obviously, it was in the back of our minds somewhere because we knew we needed to eat pie today. We just knew it. I love math and I love pie... it's the perfect day.

On the way back to Joplin the four of us stopped by for some Superman Ice Cream at SuperTam Ice Cream in Carterville. Here's Greg showing off the official Superman Ice Cream's distinctive colors.

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