Friday, March 20, 2009

Third Thursday

This was one of my favorite pieces in the art show tonight during Third Thursday. Can you guess why it's one of my favorites? Yes... it's about me! :)

Diana made this for me. She found the flash card with "Patsy" on it first and then built the other stuff around it - handwritten because I journal and write letters and love the handwritten word. Tea and Christmas are obvious. The center picture is of cookies and of course I love to bake. The butterfly is to symbolize new beginnings after surgery. It's so sweet and I get to bring it home when the show is over. I just love having talented friends!

Tonight's Third Thursday offering at Gallery 7 included work by the "Paper Ladies," a group devoted to altered art. I believe Debbie (hiding in the back on the right) started the group and the other ladies, including Jennifer (left) and Diana, (middle in the brown) joined in. They had some interesting things on display.

I have to confess I sneaked taking this photo after Greg went to the trouble to get everyone organized for it.

Everyone was impressed with the work... except maybe the Gallery 7 cats...

But... you know how hard it is to impress cats, so you can't judge by that.

I loved this chair, which was covered with rice paper.

It was fun to run into folks, including some people I hadn't seen since surgery. One of those was Jon, and I happened to get a photo of his surprise at seeing me.

There were lots of other folks there I got to visit with, but I didn't get photos of very many people, unfortunately.

Jennifer (on the left) is the owner of Gallery 7 and organizer of Third Thursday.

Sharon and Greg were having dinner at Brooks and I said I'd stop in and visit a bit since I parked near there anyway. I left Gallery 7 and then saw Jocelyn go in so had to go back in and visit with her and her cousin. Eventually I did make my way to Apron Strings where John and Katherine were playing and singing.

Anne, the owner, was doing good business, which I was happy to see. As I crossed the street to walk down to Brooks I happened to see the carriage going by.

As you can see, it was dark by then.

I didn't go downtown until about 7. I wasn't feeling great, but wanted to go tonight since I have missed it the last few months. It's such a cool event.
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