Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Two Cool Things Coming Up

Regular readers of the blog are always asking how I know about things that are coming up. I get that info from any number of sources, none of them the traditional ways I don't think. Regardless, here are two upcoming things you can do - one for only $15 that includes lunch and one free.

April 14 - NPR's Jackie Lyden will be in Hutchinson at 11:30. Your $15 ticket includes lunch at the Town Club, as well as her speech. This is part of Prairie View's Food for Thought series, which is always worth going to. For more info, go to their website. She will be in Newton that evening. (Thanks, Teresa, for clearing that up!)

April 22 - NPR's Cokie Roberts is speaking in Wichita. It's free but you need tickets. Go to this website to request tickets. (Thanks, Kris, for letting me know about that!)

Also... far into the future, but you do NOT want to miss it... Daniel Pink at the Dillon Lecture on October 23. I am reading his book, "A Whole New Mind," and it is mind-blowing. Very interesting.
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