Monday, March 30, 2009

Very Full Sunday

Today was the Women's Show, moved from yesterday. They seemed to have a decent crowd, but not great. I think some people wanted to get out of the house and for others there was still too much snow. There wasn't much of a problem with people being at church because almost everyone cancelled church for today.

I went with Greg this morning to set up Mia's booth. She does really beautiful jewelry and had planned to be out for the show, but couldn't come because of the blizzard, so Greg filled in for her. Is that a good boyfriend or what?

I helped him set up the booth. It was kind of fun to help get ready for this. I cut a big piece of cloth the other day to cover the table, and then Greg used a blue backdrop he had on top of that. I took a couple of little things from home to use for additional display items. I made Mia some business cards the other night - just real quickies - but they gave out a lot of them I think. They just had her name and website and tagline on them. Mia discovered she had a website problem recently so I worked on that one night this week and got the basics back online. Overall I think the booth looked really nice. Many people complimented her work, but I think sometimes people need to think about this sort of thing.

I worked at Mia's booth for a little while, just long enough for Greg to get everything settled. Then I came home to rest a bit. Fortunately, just as I was getting ready to leave, Sharon came in, so Greg had someone else there to help. Greg loaned me his car because mine was still snowbound in the driveway.

I looked out the backdoor last night and discovered I have massive snow drifts. They're quite amazing and that was after a day of melting. Even today, after more melting, the snow was more than half way up the door of the shed.

After a little while at home I went back to work the MHA booth. After breaking down both booths it took awhile to get everything loaded into the car. Sharon brought me back to the house with her because we had Greg's car so full of stuff there was no where for me to sit.

Then I took off almost immediately for a presentation by Dr. Russell Vreeland at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.

He was giving a talk for volunteers and staff about the exhibit there. I had RSVP'd to the event before all the snow, and when the women's show was going to be yesterday. I was tired, but wanted to go, and didn't want to be a no-show. Tomorrow he's giving a patron only Dillon Lecture. I'm looking forward to that. I took copious notes tonight and will be doing the same tomorrow, so I'll be writing more about it

When I was leaving to go to this, Sharon was shoveling out my sidewalk.

Is that an amazing friend? She's so kind. Sharon will just jump in and do whatever needs to be done. Obviously, shoveling snow is not on my list of approved post-operative activities. I can still feel it when I'm doing things like pulling the suitcase full of MHA stuff today, much less anything really strenuous. It gets better all the time, though.

Sharon and Greg dug out my car and sidewalks, which means I can be productive tomorrow. I appreciate it so much.
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