Friday, April 03, 2009

A Girl Can Look...

I wanted to show you photos of the beautiful baby plants I've been growing. Unfortunately, various computer entities are not cooperating tonight so that's impossible. I gave it the old college try, plus some, involving different programs, different computers, and other foolishness - but for the first time I haven't been able to find a workaround. So, look for them another day. I just don't have any more brain power to devote to it tonight.

Today was devoted to more work on the United Way logic models and other assorted things for our application that's due on Tuesday. This has been a massive undertaking for me and for the board committee working on it. Hopefully it will all be worth it. We are rethinking how we do everything and that, obviously, is taking some energy.

I have a busy day tomorrow and then I'm looking forward to the weekend. There won't be much rest during the weekend, but there will be fun.

Saturday morning I'm volunteering at the Underground Salt Museum, driving the little tram again. Then that afternoon I'm going to the doggie Easter parade. I don't have a dog. I don't want a dog. But I want to see other people's dogs dressed up in Easter bonnets and parading around. I'm not sure what that says about me - or about people who dress up their dogs - but I'm going anyway. I may never want to see it again. I may never be able to see it again because someone may see the folly of the whole thing. But Saturday afternoon I'm going to make sure I'm on hand to witness it.

Sunday is a flea market and an antique postcard and bottle show at the fairgrounds. I don't need any antique bottles or postcards, but a girl can look. Right? Sure. A girl can look. And who knows what treasures are going to be at the flea market - things that as I sit here tonight I don't even know exist and yet, somehow, I will be unable to live without come Sunday afternoon. It's magic, I tell you.

Well, off to bed for me. Working on logic models hurts my brain in ways I can't even begin to describe with mere words. It needs to rest. And so do I.
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