Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Itty Bitty Bud

Yesterday I saw it. Just innocently sitting there. As if it were nothing special at all. Just another day.

One of the cosmos plants has a tiny little bud on it!

An itty bitty bud. On a plant I grew from seed. From seed, I tell you. I put the seed in the dirt and now there's a bud that will be a flower. (OK, technically, I put the seed in a potting "mix" but it's like dirt. Kinda.)

I realize I might be a bit overly excited by this development. A person might rightly point out that it would be expected that a flower would - at some point in its development - put forth a bud. But nonetheless, there it is. Just as plain as day. If you look closely. Very closely. It is an itty bitty bud, after all.

It's not like I've never grown anything from seed before, but it's still a magical process to me. Seeds become itty bitty buds. Amazing.
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