Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kris and Cokie

I got to see Kris tonight. She was one of the folks helping organize for Cokie Roberts' appearance in Wichita tonight to celebrate KMUW's 60th Anniversary. I just adore Kris - she's always fun - even tonight when she had to have been tired. You don't pull off an event like this and not be tired at the end of it.

Whenever we're together we have to take what we've dubbed "the cute girl pic." Greg, fortunately, reminded us tonight. We forgot once when we were together. Obviously, you can't go back and redo that event.

Of course, I also got to see her hubby John, as well as Chris and Shari who were visiting from Kansas City, Kansas. And, we met some other interesting folks.

We are getting a big thunderstorm here so I'm going to turn the computer off instead of going through photos tonight. But, soon, expect to see a write up of Cokie's presentation and some photos. I can sum it up by saying she was interesting, entertaining and funny on top of it.

Three groups of folks from Hutchinson went. Oddly enough, we were all in Pei Wei at the same time. I had no idea it was everyone's favorite restaurant!
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