Thursday, April 16, 2009

Third Thursday

Tonight was the Third Thursday art event in Hutchinson. It was the end of our blogger fam tour we've been doing the last day and a half. I'm impressed that a group of folks in town decided to do something different - and they did it well. Kudos to Logic Maze, The Cosmosphere, the CVB and The Downtown Hutchinson Revitalization Project.

I'm very, very impressed that the Cosmosphere CEO took time to give us a private tour yesterday. That tells me he understands the power of social media, or he's at the very least open to the power of it. Those things matter.

Well, I'm tired from the many hours we've spent touring and talking in the last 36 hours. Such an exciting time!

So, tonight I'm sharing some photos from the Third Thursday event - something I love - and something I'm so thankful to Jennifer and Danny for making happen.

Come join us next month! May 21 - 5 -9 p.m. in Downtown Hutchinson.
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