Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Advertising on Patsy's Ponderings

Lately I've been getting a lot of interest in advertising on Patsy's Ponderings. I'm negotiating with a couple of people, but want to be clear with readers.

What you read here is MY content. No one has anything to say about what I write about, or what I say, except me. I like it that way. And it will stay that way.  If I talk about a product, book or place here it's because I liked it, hated it or wanted it. It's not because someone paid me to write about it. Period. No exceptions. Ever.

When I get some sort of special treatment or special access, like during the blogger fam tour, I am specific about that in the post so you know.

I'm open to advertising, but it's no trouble to tell that's what it is. I have google ads, and will sell advertising to other entities, as long as they're in keeping with the spirit of the site. I'm thankful to those advertisers - they pay for the costs associated with maintaining this website. And hopefully readers find something of value in their offerings and click over to read more about them - the ultimate win-win. I also give free space to organizations I believe in, like Kiva.

I will never accept any advertising that is designed to look like content. I was recently approached by Linkstar for advertising on another website I own. I was very clear in my initial contact that I would not allow anything that looked like content. They agreed and then reneged on that, insisting their paid paragraph be inserted at the bottom of a page of content. I refused.

So, rest assured that if you see me talking about how cool something is, it's because I think it's really cool - not because someone paid me to say that.

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