Friday, May 22, 2009

Carolyn's Essenhaus in Arlington Kansas

Tonight I wanted to have something different for dinner. Something fun. Something unusual. I called Greg and he was game for it, but didn't have any thoughts about what that something was.

I thought about Carolyn's Essenhaus in Arlington, Kansas - about a 25 minute drive from my house. I called and found out they were open until 8:30. So, I called Sharon to see if she wanted to go too, and the three of us headed off for dinner.

Nothing gets a holiday weekend off to such a good start as dinner somewhere cool with friends.

On Friday night they serve verenike - a German treat that generally we only have during the MCC sale.

Carolyn stopped by our booth and visited very briefly, but they were busy. Very busy. They're one of the 24 finalists for the 8 Wonders of Kansas Cuisine. I asked if they were so busy because of the holiday weekend or the content and she said probably some of both.

They served the verenike with your choice of ham or sausage, a trip to the salad bar, and a slice of their fresh baked bread. I didn't eat all the ham because then I wouldn't have had room for pie. And you gotta have pie...

Apparently you also gotta have more bread because I bought a loaf at check out. Along with a jar of sand hill plum jelly.

Guess what I'm having for breakfast.

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