Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Days Are Full

I have been spending the days doing busy work, but necessary busy work. This time of year requires much paperwork in my job. At times there seems no end to it. But, I'm starting to make headway. It all has to be done, and there's no way to get it done except to just sit at the computer and/or desk and do it.

Unfortunately, it's not very creative work. But, I suppose not everything can fall into that category.

After work I went to Avenue A park and did Qi gong with Terry. I really like that, and it certainly stretches you in ways you don't realize until you later feel the little pull here or there. Wednesday is our evening for that.

When I got back I planted more flowers. I really overdid the seed starting this year and have so many things that still need to go in the ground. I stopped tonight when it got too dark to see, and I left two flats of plants outside. It's supposed to be really nice on Saturday so hopefully I'll get most of it done then.

I want everything to look lush and "overflowing" like this little segment in my front flowerbed. Unfortunately, that happened completely by accident so it's not like I understand how to make it happen again. I just stick things in the ground, and hope for the best.

There are a bazillion things going on in my life at the moment but by the time I sit down to blog I'm too tired to detail them. Maybe by the weekend I will have made it through the "must do" list and will have time to write more.

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