Sunday, May 17, 2009


This is Dave Neff of Neff Family Farms. I met him this morning at the Farmer's Market while I was looking at the herbs he had for sale. He had red leafed basil, people! Now so do I.

Frankly, he might as well be known as my dealer from this day forward because I know I'll be buying many more things from him. He has herbs I've never heard of, but now believe myself incapable of living without. I need them, people!

He conveniently provided me with a printout of things they offer, along with a phone number and email address, and told me he and his wife could bring whatever I wanted next week. Whatever I want, people!

Sorry, I'm still a bit overly excited by the whole thing.

I was reasonable today. I only bought some red basil and a lemon verbena plant. But, I've looked over the list multiple times and starred some things I want to get. They have white sage, red ruffled basil and chocolate mint. Chocolate mint, people!

I stopped at the Farmer's Market on my way to Roy's. I started looking at the herb list while I was eating my barbecue. The following photo is just for Matthew, who is wanting some Roy's in a major way.

Fortunately, due to the miracle of Facebook, Anne popped on today to let Matthew know that Smith's Market will ship him some sauce. I was about to box up some for him but Smith's came to the rescue.

I got a lot of things done in the yard today. I planted more things and figured out where some other things are going to go. Late in the day Greg and Sharon brought over some "Holmes Tomato Master 5000" tomato cages. They stopped by Greg's house in Sharon's box truck and hauled them over to my house. I'm so thankful to have them. I'm hoping to get tomatoes in the ground tomorrow. I hope.

I'm sitting in my house with a light jacket on tonight because I'm just not going to turn the heat back on after I've switched between heat and AC at least a half dozen times already. However, I may be sleeping under the electric blanket tonight. We'll see. It's a little chilly, but certainly not freezing for plants.

All in all a productive day. I also got some writing done, some laundry done and some other household chores done. I know - my life is so darned exciting it's hard to keep track. What can I say?

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lillie said...

I share your excitement about herbs. Red leaf basil is beautiful in floral arrangements, and smells good too. I have not used it in food, since I really like the flavor of sweet basil, but I should experiment with it, or maybe use a combination.


Mia Denman said...

OOOH! OOOH! OOOH! Herbs!!!!! Do they have Cinnamon Basil????? I found that once a few years ago at a little place outside Springfield, MO. It's fabulous!!!!! If they have some, you should get it!!! (And have Greg pick some up for his loving girlfriend!!) ;-)

Patsy Terrell said...

Marie... the Neff Family Farms website has some recipes on it. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet, but they're there. I bought the red basil more to add color to things where I use basil and also just to snip off to bring inside. I'm planting a gazillon things for the purpose of cutting and bringing in. I'm a heat wimp. When it's hot I won't be outside enjoying them!

Patsy Terrell said...

Cinnamon basil is on the list! I had some last year but haven't found it around this year. BUT... there's one they're selling in some Walmarts that's Thai basil - it's a spicy scented basil - very nice. I have in two plants! :) I love the cinnamon basil for bringing inside and the thai looks like it will be a similar looking basil. Maybe I need an extra one of those now that I think about it. :)