Monday, June 08, 2009

Food Coma Caravan

Some friends and I have been on what we call the "Food Coma Caravan." In the front are Greg and Kris. In the back, Sharon, me, Carl and Mark. It's sort of a "whoever can come" event. Mia, Todd and Tara couldn't come this time. And I'm still hoping to go on one with Wayne.

Carl is the organizer. In fact, on this trip I started referring to him as "The Carl," as in "All Hail The Carl," because he finds such cool stuff. He picks a series of locally owned restaurants in an area, finds us a cool locally owned motel/hotel/cabin and we travel in a dot-to-dot method, seeing the sights, punctuated with interesting meals.

We stayed at the Sky-Vue Lodge, which had cabins for rent. "Cabins" in this case means homes. They all came with a view. This was the view out the back door of our cabin this morning.

We've done places in Missouri, Kansas and now Arkansas. Carl has a real knack for planning. He finds cool spots all over the place. He and Kris had been to some of them before, and some of them were new to them, too. But, he finds some gems.

For example, this morning we had breakfast at the Oark General Store, Oark Arkansas - founded in 1890. After breakfast we went to a swinging bridge. Yesterday we visited Fort Smith, Arkansas. The day before we ate at Joe's Pizza and Pasta in Fort Smith, which you don't want to miss Last night we finished off the day with ice cream at the Dairy Dream in Mountainburg. At least that's what the sign on top of the building said. But, as you can see from the photo above, they also have burgers.

One of the highlights of this trip was something Carl couldn't plan. One night as we were coming back, Greg, Sharon and I saw a bear. A BEAR! In the wild. Just going about his business, doing bear things. He was along the roadway, and crossed over it in front of us, then back again. We saw him for probably thirty seconds at least. It was so incredibly cool. I've never seen a bear in the wild. Amazing!

I just adore seeing Carl and Kris - such a great couple - and I don't get to see them often enough. It's always fun to get a group together and see how the mix works. I so appreciate the work Carl does to make the FCC happen. He is the only person I will let plan travel on my behalf. The only one.

All Hail The Carl.


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