Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It has been a week and it's only Tuesday

Monday night Greg and I were coming back from Joplin and spotted these clouds near Beaumont. We had some rain between there and Wichita, but nothing serious. We stopped in Wichita to run some errands and get dinner. While we were there, these clouds - or others like them - produced 90 mph winds in Hutchinson where we live. Fortunately, neither of us had any wind damage to our houses that we can determine.

However, we arrived to discover neither of us had power. I had turned my AC up so it wouldn't come on unless it got really hot. Needless to say, my house was uncomfortable.

Thankfully, Sharon invited both of us to spend the night. Everytime I woke up in the night all I could hear was the purring of the air conditioner - a lovely sound. I would call my house everytime I woke up. Finally, later this morning, I heard the fax machine pick up - another welcome sound. It would have been impossible to sleep here last night - very hot and stuffy. I was so grateful to be able to actually sleep last night as I had a busy day ahead - putting a couple of days worth of work into one.

Now, if you were reading carefully - and there's no reason you should be, really. You'd notice I said we were coming back Monday night. Is that because I had everything done for both jobs, as well as my house, and decided to take Monday off? No, that would not be the case.

Sunday night we had the car loaded and I walked out with the last two things. I said to Greg, "unlock the trunk so I can put my purse in." He unlocked it and said, "my key won't come out." We assumed it was just stuck a little. But it was stuck a lot.

We putzed around but couldn't do anything with it. A round of phone calls ensued to various places that might be able to fix it. Eventually Steve or Miss Joy one suggested calling a locksmith. I decided I'd call AAA instead. They wanted to know if the same key started the car as unlocked the trunk. No. They don't consider your vehicle disabled if that's the case and will not provide service. That is just the latest in a long line of AAA disappointments. The fact that there was torrential rain between Joplin and Hutchinson was not an important consideration. I called a locksmith on my own and he said he couldn't fix it anyway.

So, we unpacked the necessities we needed for another night in Joplin and started hunting for someone to replace the trunk lock. I put a note out on some social networking sites and one of my friends said he would call his Uncle who lived in the area and ask the next morning. That's how we found Bill's Service Center, that fixed the trunk for me. Thanks, RJ, for the suggestion. They were great.

And when we were driving through the rain Monday night I was glad we had just stayed and gotten it fixed.

Today I spent the whole day running from one thing to another. It was a frantically busy day and then tonight was the MHA meeting. Tomorrow I've got a long list of things to get done. I had planned to get to bed early. I'm not sure at 1:15 a.m. you can be thinking about that, really.

I want to get up early in the morning to do a couple of things in the garden before work. I planted another tomato plant tonight. My herbs are doing great. Bob and Ruth next door gave me some lettuce from their garden tonight. I was over there briefly to help them with the computer they just got. I'm so tickled they'll be able to use my wireless signal. They're such great neighbors it's nice I can provide a little tiny thing for them.

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