Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Settling in

The air conditioning in my office was working well, today. Thank goodness. The Cosmosphere was hit during storms recently and the AC has been up and down in various parts of the building since then. Last week the offices were cool in our section, but it was warm elsewhere. Saturday everything seemed to be functioning.

We had an event Saturday and when I left about noon I turned my office AC so it wouldn't come on too much since I was going to be working for the MHA on Monday. Unfortunately, Monday afternoon about 4 the AC went down. So, when I arrived Tuesday morning it was toasty in my office. Very toasty. We had an appointment in Wichita so we left about 9 and when we got back about 2:30 it was better in there. I certainly wasn't cold, but I was pretty comfy. Early in the day Greg brought me a fan, which was a big help.

I'm settling into things at the Cosmosphere. The problem with starting any new job is that you're already behind when you start because there has been a gap between people where things have piled up. Also, you're just learning how to do everything. Even the simplest of things have to be explained because every place has its own culture and when you're the new person you're trying to figure all that out.

At the Cosmosphere there are tons of different things going on, and each one has its own materials, timeframe, etc., so I'm definitely in learning mode. Fortunately, Marisa and Michele have been very patient with me as I ask a million and one questions every day.

At home I've been working on all my side jobs and the garden. I put some pumpkin vines in this year and I'm starting to fear them. They grow - visibly - every day. So, I go out every day and move the vines to try and get them to grow in a certain direction. On Saturday, I moved them that morning and by that evening they had grown back across the walkway.

This weekend I'm attending a writer's workshop, but after that I hope to get a bit of a handle on my life at home. It is a bit out of control. I worked on things all weekend but didn't get done by a long shot. Why does it seem something is always out of control? I do not know how some people seem to always have everything under control.

I get a tremendous amount of things done in the average day, but there's always something that's undone. I guess maybe I need to do fewer things. But, I like to clean all my cabinets out once a year and wash all the dishes, and I like to have a garden, and I like to write a cookbook column every month, and I like to play in the art studio, and I like to do qi gong (today was the first day I could in awhile!), and I like to teach people social networking, and I like to fill-in-the-blank. There just don't seem to be quite enough hours in every day/night cycle to get it all done.

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