Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crabby Patty

If you want to do a good deed without even leaving your house I've got a deal for you. A project of the Kansas Sampler Foundation is to encourage businesses in small towns that are hanging on, sometimes by a thread, to help provide services in their areas.

One such place is the a convenience store in Dexter, Kan. The proprietor is "Crabby Patty," who's less crabby now that folks from all over and sending her encouragement.

Here's the deal. If you can, stop by and spend $5 in the store. That's the perfect solution. But, if you can't just happen by Dexter, there's another plan. Drop a $5 bill in an envelope, along with a post it note, card or other encouragement and send it off in the mail.

The address is:
Crabby Patty
501 K-15 Hwy
Dexter KS 67038

Obviously, I've already done it. Now it's your turn. It's just one way you can do a good deed with little investment, time or trouble.

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