Thursday, July 30, 2009

I snapped this photo of Greg in his garden late yesterday. You can see he has some ripe tomatoes.

We decided to go to Arlington for dinner last night, to Carolyn's Essenhaus. It was really tasty - there was pie - what more needs be said?

After dinner we stopped on a country road to take some photos. Greg was looking for cicadas... I was just seeing what there was to see, which included this neat old fence post.

After stopping by Greg's garden, I went into my own to check on things. I have many tomatoes. And pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins. I don't know if they're still growing or if they're done or what. I guess I'll just see what happens with them.

It has been incredibly beautiful weather here for days - sunny, with moderate temperatures. Tonight it's getting down to 58 here. It's just unheard of, but I've decided it should be enjoyed as long as it lasts.

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