Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Question of the Day - Make that Week

Earlier this week, someone dropped off a little surprise for me at the office. It was a pretty little gift bag with a tin of teapot cookie cutters inside.

They left it downstairs with a volunteer, and it found its way up to my office. Unfortunately, they didn't sign the note, and I don't recognize the handwriting. So, it's a mystery. A pleasant mystery, but a mystery.

I was hoping I'd hear from someone, taking credit. But so far no one has.

How can a southern girl write a thank you note when she doesn't know who to address it to?

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Darla said...

Patsy I knew it was perfect for you when I saw it...I've had it for some time and finally dropped it off earlier this week with a volunteer, who was wearing a red shirt, and riding one of those little scooters. I faithfully read your blog and have even met you a couple of times but I don't think it was anything that was so memorable that you would remember me. I know how much you love to bake, and how much you love tea, and I remembered you making sugar cookies for the MH tea (I think?)and thought these were perfect for those reasons(And that I found them at our favorite thrift store--Goodwill!). That, and the fact that you appreciate the little things in life and something so simple as cookie cutters would just bring a bright spot into your day made me just have to get them for you. As I commented on FB to you the other day, it just makes my day all the more special when I receive little surprises/gifts from friends or coworkers and I hope this little gift did so for you as that is how it was truly intended. Enjoy your unique cookie cutters and have a wonderful evening!

Patsy Terrell said...

Darla, that was so nice. Thank you!!! You did, indeed, make my day/week. It was such a nice surprise and VERY appropriate. You're right I do love to bake and you have a great memory that I made all those sugar cookies for the MHA tea. Truth be told, I love cookie cutters, but don't really like to make sugar cookies much. :) Ironic, huh? :) But I love love love the cookie cutters. I have quite a collection, but I do not have these! Thank you so much for thinking of me - you, indeed, did give me a nice surprise, and made my whole week better. THANKS!