Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Work Day Break

I keep a teacup at my office to have a little break in the afternoon. For some reason, tea tastes better out of a pretty cup. I'll admit it's not the most practical, but if we always went for practical, high heels and sports cars wouldn't exist. So, I drink my tea from a pretty cup - I just drink it faster so it is still hot.

The job is going well. At least I think it is. Maybe they would tell me otherwise. The days are full. As I told a friend, "a lot happens in my work day." There are lots of projects going on and at different stages and so there's always something to work on.
Much of what I'm doing is very "rote" work and doesn't require any creativity or much thought  I'm very capable of completing all of it. And happy to do so. Unfortunately, when you're busy with that sort of thing you never get to do anything beyond that.

I'm very much of the mindset in the work place of:
1. There's more than one right way to do something.
2. My number one job is to make my boss look good.
3. If my opinion is asked for, I give it. If it's not, I keep it to myself.
4. I don't need to "buy into" whatever the project is. I will just do it as best I can because it's what is wanted. (see rule #1)
5. Complete it by the deadline.

Of course, you can expand on those in all different directions. But I think number one is the most important.

It's a really interesting place to work. Nothing like walking in in the morning under an SR-71 Blackbird. One of these days I'll take some photos of the museum, my office, etc. Maybe I'll do a little video. But maybe I'll wait until I learn my way around. I'm starting to get it - a little at a time - but there are still doors that I have no idea where they go.

Well, it's time for me to go to bed - probably past time, actually.

I know I've not been blogging the usual amount lately. I've not lost interest. I've just been a bit overwhelmed with various things - from learning a new job to accepting Matthew's death. Things will become more regular after a bit.
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