Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Days Zip By

This week has zipped by and I feel like I didn't accomplish very much during it. In fact, I never even got my to-do list rewritten, which was going to be the first thing I did Tuesday morning. But, my days just didn't go as I had planned, and it never happened.

At home I've created a huge mess working on the office. I'm hoping this weekend I can make some headway on that. Next weekend I'll have company for the fair so people do need to be able to walk through my house, which at the moment is not really possible. There are paths in the dining room where I pulled stuff from the office. I'm going to aim higher than just pathways.

I was industrious enough to mow the front yard tonight. It got dark before I got the back done but I didn't want to be the person who's front yard was a mess when we're expecting so many visitors in town. I guess that's my civic duty for the day.

Today is the first day of the Kansas State Fair. Generally I go the first night but not this year. But, tomorrow. I love the Fair. People whine about the traffic and the people and the noise and the dust and the whatever. I love it. Not all those things in particular, but there's plenty to love.

The fair is a great example of taking advantage of what's in your own backyard. It's the largest event in the state and it happens in the town where I live. All I have to do is just drive a couple of miles and walk in. It's not uncommon to run across people who live in Hutchinson and never go to the fair. The biggest event in the state is happening, people are coming from all over for it, and people here won't drive five minutes to go.

No doubt tomorrow I'll be looking at jars of jelly with blue ribbons and picking up whatever this year's favorite freebie is. Expect to see photos.

Do something fun in your own backyard this weekend.

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