Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Girl's Gotta Have A Good Pen

I've had a thing about pens and paper since I was very, very young. I sometimes wonder if my desire to write was about being able to use the pens and paper. It's yet another chicken/egg question, I suppose. Of course, I still write now with the computer so I guess that's not all of it.
I love pretty colors of ink. It can be a struggle to find a generic blue or black pen in my house or on my desk at work. Greg one time had to sign a legal document and in frustration asked, "Do you have just a blue ink pen?" The closest I could come was a blue metallic one. It sparkles on the page, what can I say?
Michele recently brought me a little present of some uniballs that are clear barrels but the ink is blue, purple or pink. Very cool. I am a pen expert and know the differences in how different ones feel on different papers. It's all part of the writing experience to me.
The writing we do with pen and paper is different than what we do on the computer. When I need to puzzle out a problem of some sort I always turn to paper. That's where I do my creative writing by and large. It's more organic, I think, and gives a different connection.

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