Tuesday, September 01, 2009


I have always had difficulty dealing with people's pettiness. Now, of course, we're all this way occasionally because something that's important to one person isn't to another.

What is most curious about this is why it affects me so much. I've always heard that the things that bug you most in other people are the things you dislike about yourself. So, I've been mulling this over today - just turning it over in the back of my mind - how petty am I about various things? If I were brave enough I'd ask friends, but so far I haven't zapped that email off into the ether.

Today I was on the sidelines of an exchange where one person was being very petty, or so it seemed to me. I watched the other person skillfully manage the situation by not getting upset or dragged into the mire.

There are lessons here to be learned. Not the least of which is that I need to be cautious of my own reactions to things. The irony is not lost on me of how petty it is that I'm upset by other people's pettiness. Life is strange, isn't it?

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