Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I had a lovely note this afternoon from my friend, Martha. She directed me to this article by Scott Ginsberg, otherwise known as the "Hello My Name is Scott" guy.

Martha mentioned that she thought the fact that I was a prolific writer influenced how I think about the world. It's always interesting to see yourself through other people's eyes. I have never thought of myself as a "prolific" writer. However, the logic in me (sparse though it may be!) understands why someone who writes every day would be considered "prolific."

I'm flattered by his references to saying, "I've written about that..." because I find myself saying that often. Matthew remarked once when I was so excited to find a note pad in a hotel room that I couldn't think without writing. To some degree he was correct about that.

Whenever I have something I need to think through I get out the pen and paper. If I have something that needs some creative thought I reach for paper. It is integral to the way I think. I'm fond of the "clustering" technique and use it regularly. As a matter of fact, I was using it today - perhaps as Martha was writing her note to me. Of course, anyone who has read here for any amount of time knows I often think "aloud" on the blog.

Martha's note today has caused me to consider how writing impacts my world view. I guess I've never thought of it as an option. Since I could write, it has been the way I experience the world around me. It's interesting how these things develop.

Obviously, there's much more to think about on this topic.

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