Thursday, October 08, 2009


I am feeling much better and expect to go home tomorrow. I am going to have to have surgery - and sooner rather than later - but this episode is about over with. I have decided that 2009 must be my year for body maintenence. Unfortunately, I will not get to have my usual Patsy-extravaganza of a Christmas season but I'll just have a different Christmas season and 2010 will be a blowout year.
I'm reminded again just how important nursing care is in a hospital. If your doctor is competent it all depends on the nursing staff after that. They're the ones actually in charge of your care. Unfortunately, this year I've now been in two different hospitals and can compare. It becomes a crap shoot of sorts of how many exceptional nurses a place has on staff, how many average ones and how many so-so ones. Because it's generally 12 hours at a time you're really stuck if you have a nurse who falls into the latter category.
Well, I hope to have more interesting things to discuss soon.

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