Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cold, Lazy Saturday

It's cold here today and mid-afternoon I'm still in my jammies. I haven't poked my nose out other than to pick up a cookbook that was delivered to the door. From my home office window I can look out onto the back garden and see the remaining flowers whipping in the wind. It does not make a person want to go outside. At least not a person like me who is always cold.
Today is the day I always point to that is the first time I get cold in the fall/winter. I will now just be cold until spring. The one time I get warm is at night under the electric blanket, which I set up last night. But the second I stick my toe out from under it in the morning I'm cold again. It just doesn't seem possible for me to wear enough layers of clothes to get warm and stay that way. And yet I love snow. Go figure.
This is the sort of weather that makes me want to stay inside and bake. Unfortuantely, I'm not sure if I should be doing that much when I just got out of the hospital yesterday. Even though I don't consider baking to be hard work it does require some effort. So, instead, I'm thinking about what I'll bake for a Cosmosphere event in early November and just doing some planning. I had intended to just stay home one day the week of that event and do the baking, but considering I'll be having surgery I now plan to do that on my own time so that's another day that can be devoted to surgery/recuperating instead.
I hate it that all this is happening when I haven't been at this job long enough that people know me well enough to know what sort of person I am, and that I'm "good for it" when it comes to time off. But we don't get to choose these things. In my ideal world I would have been doing what was on my schedule this week instead of being in the hospital and I would not be planning for surgery when normally I'd be deep in the throes of Christmas decorating.
I've been thinking about what kind of tree I can put up for the season, but it certainly won't be my usual kind. I'll have to do something very low key and understated this year. I hope I have something that fits that general description. My paper this year is a mix of champagne gold and cream so maybe something along those lines. We'll see.
Well, I'm going to try and motivate myself to go to the grocery store, I can't eat only cheese and saltines for the next few weeks. I need to lay in some supplies for things that will be easy on the tummy. I guess that will require putting on something resembling real clothes.

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