Wednesday, November 04, 2009


It's a time of year for clearing out of energy. I was talking with someone just tonight about energy and how some people have compatible energy that builds you, and how some people try to drain energy from you.
I've been a bit low on energy the last few months and have been attributing it to my healing process, but that isn't it. While I've been so focused on healing I have neglected my critical thinking about people in my world, and have neglected to shed those who take my energy. Fortunately, this conversation - among other things - was a reminder.
I need to get rid of people who are taking energy from me, and connect with those who are willing to share theirs. It's such a simple thing and I overlooked it. Sometimes it takes a conversation with a similar personality/energy type to point out the obvious. Thank goodness that dropped into my life tonight from a completely unexpected source. I'm grateful.
So, tonight as I lay down to sleep I will begin the disconnecting, the letting go, the parting. Farewell.

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