Monday, November 09, 2009

Good Morning America and Grammar

Occasionally I become concerned about the English language and the continued decline of using it properly. On ABC's "Good Morning America" they introduced a story by writing "How will bill effect your family?" Before I could get their email pulled up to send them a note saying that should be "affect," they changed it.
I'm thrilled they caught the mistake. We all make mistakes like that on a regular basis, and while I'd like to say a national news program shouldn't, such programs are run by individuals, just like you and me. We all make typos and bad choices where grammar is concerned.
So, instead of a nasty note to ABC, I'm giving them kudos for catching it so quickly and making the correction.

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Mia Denman said...

That reminds me of a button I saw on etsy yesterday! It said "Grammar Police," which I have often been accused of being by friends and family!!