Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I got home yesterday afternoon and all settled in. We decided I probably did need to rent a hospital bed for at least a short while instead of climbing the stairs so we dealt with that. I spent the first night there and other than waking up totally disoriented once it was fine. I'm needing very little pain medication, for which I'm thankful. I would make a very bad drug addict because I can't imagine why anyone wants to have that loopy feeling they leave you with. But, they're wonderful when you have pain and I certainly want them available when needed.
My plan today is to rest all day. Frankly, I feel like being up and around a bit but I am going to rest and do as little as possible. I think that will probably do more for my healing than anything else. My body and mind must need rest, so I'm going to try and give them some.
The last couple of days in the hospital I was working because I couldn't get rest from the various people "attending" to me. So, I worked. But I think a day of complete rest is in order now.

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