Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Not a Giant Mango

No, it's not a giant mango. It's a small banana.

I went shopping tonight and found these - yes, small bananas. I'm a sucker for stuff like this, which is why they're now in the fruit bowl on the table. I haven't eaten one yet, but the bag they came in said they're sweet. You know Dole wouldn't lie to me, right? I'll report back on that.

I spent today working around the house, including packing away more Christmas stuff. A few people have asked what happened to all those ornaments I bought. Well, they're packed into plastic tubs, ready to be taken to the basement for storage.

Yesterday Greg and I went to Wichita to see Avatar in 3D. I love that movie. This was the second time I've seen it. I think it's the first time I've ever seen a current movie more than once. I'm not a big movie goer anyway, and can't think of a single one I've seen more than once when it was first released. I hope I'm not headed toward a time when I'm camping out for tickets to the sequel, and talking to a reporter with my face painted blue, telling them how many times I've seen the movie. I would like to see it in Imax, but that's where I draw the line. Really. Honest. Of course, it's definitely a large screen experience.

I could really use one more weekend day. There are lots of things in the house I need to take care of. I'm starting to feel good enough I can actually be up, moving around, for extended periods of time. As you might guess, when that hasn't been the case for two months, lots of things need attention. I am still not lifting much, and don't carry anything when going up and down steps, so many things are very time consuming. Getting groceries requires one bag at a time, carried to the steps, then into the house, then finally into the kitchen. All those little hops for each bag add up to a serious time investment. But, I'm thankful I can do it at all.

I did spend some time in the studio this afternoon. It, also, needs a serious clearing out. I started to pack up some things to take to Goodwill today and realized that I wouldn't be able to move them once I got them together. So, I sat down and played instead.

This week I've got some fun scheduled with friends, getting together for lunch and dinner, so that will be nice. It makes the week go by faster when there's some fun on the agenda.

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