Monday, February 08, 2010

Changing Who You Are

There's a concept that "who we are" can be affected by events in our lives.

I've been thinking lately about the list of events in my life that changed who I am, that affected me so profoundly that they changed the way I viewed the world and how I existed within it.

It's easy to assume that changing who you are is a negative, but that seems short-sighted to me. How can we assume that who we are at any moment is who we are meant to be?

I'm pondering this question lately. What has changed who you are?


Susannah said...

Ooh, I think that just moving through life itself has changed who I am, but I don't believe that is a negative as I assume that I am evolving and growing.

All movement forward is change and I believe that is what keeps us vibrant and alive, to remaim unchanging is to become stagnant.

Though at our very core I believe we all have a strong unchanging anchor point to which we are tethered, I believe that we must flow with life.

We are always in a process of becoming, like a kaleidascope twisted by circumstance to show yet another new and beautiful pattern.

Patsy Terrell said...

I agree. I think because really negative things can change who we are that change is often thought of as negative. But some of the really negative experiences in my life led to core values I appreciate. It's all a big soup, I guess!